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Come buy my snaps!

So, another little update to my website , you can now buy my photography in small to big sized prints, cards and download them full res for a price…just head to the photography section.

all thanks to , which to my surprise was even completely  free!

Great snappy API, as simple as it gets to use. if there would be one thing to rant about it would be the lack of control on how it gets displayed on your website, you can edit the css from their page (or hard code inside your page own css) but simple things like choosing not to have a divider between each button lacks, overall im impressed, almost even went thru the trouble of ordering a card with one of my own pieces (but decided to do it later since i still gotta link the hi-res versions) the price aint too bad (but EUR 2.50 shipping for a post card summing up to a EUR 5.00 total gets a bit salty…)

tomorrow ill fiddle more with it see what else i can do, overall i feel i just found a good system to use and offer to fellow professionals.

best #sunny #beach #macro #photo i’ve ever taken, smells like stock!